Care Feathers™ Yoga & Exercise Ground Sheet

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Protect your gear while working out or practicing outdoors! Our one-of-a-kind groundsheet was custom-designed to fit under your Care Feathers™ Kit.

Creating 40cm of extra space on every side of your mat, you’ll never have to put your props and bands on the ground again.

A fleece top with water-resistant nylon backing creates the ideal space for taking your practice outdoors.

Our groundsheet is machine washable, and we even added tent peg loops in the corners for windy days.

Each groundsheet comes with a heavy-duty carabiner to clip your folded groundsheet to your Care Feathers™ Kit’s custom carry bag for easy hands-free hauling.

This groundsheet perfectly coordinates with all other items in the Care Feathers™  collection and doubles as an awesome beach or picnic blanket!

Dimensions: 141 x 263 cm / 55.5" x 103.54"
Weight: 1.34 KG